Welcome to Oak Hill Farm!

Oak Hill Farm provides a dynamic experience for everyone—families, students, volunteers, and instructors alike! We specialize in one-on-one equine therapy with our clients through horse care and natural body balance riding techniques. Our lessons are specific to the needs of each student. We accomplish this through the collaboration of parents, teachers, guardians, other therapists, and professionals who are involved with the care of each of our students. Your donations allow us to provide a one-on-one experience at an affordable price to our families. Oak Hill is a 100% not-for-profit organization.

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Session III Thursday
May 2 - 23
Session IV Thursday
September 5 - 26
Day at the Farm & Cross Country Gallop
October 6
Session V Thursday- by appointment only- advanced registration
October 10 - 17
About the Farm

Oak Hill Farm is an accredited  PATH International-certified non-profit organization dedicated to equine therapy for children and adults. Our instructors provide a diverse knowledge base to our program. Click the button below to learn more.

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Our Capabilities
  • PATH International-Certified

    PATH International means that Oak Hill Farm is an internationally recognized certified center for equine therapy.  Oak Hill Farm accomplishes this through hours of dedicated continuous education to stay in touch with the ever-changing needs in our field.

  • Customized Care

    We provide a dynamic experience for everyone involved—whether you are a volunteer, instructor, family member, or student. Our one-on-one atmosphere generates a "Home Sweet Home" family feeling.  Our lesson plans are as unique  as our students.   Our riders will have a lesson plan tailored to their individual needs.

  • Experienced Instructors

    We have the best of the best on our team. Our instructors are experienced and specialize in equine behavior and natural body riding applications.

  • Continuing Education

    Our organization participates in continuous educational experiences to keep informed of our ever-changing equine service field.

Customer Experience

Our customers are family here at Oak Hill Farm. Our students receive a one-on-one lesson plan with our staff to maximize their progress towards self-esteem, life living skills, and body strength. We achieve this through carefully planned lessons designed around the premise of natural body balance and the know-with-all about horses. Our families receive the devotion of everyone on our team to assist in the needs of their loved ones.

How to Participate
How can you get into Oak Hill’s therapeutic riding program? When we receive a call, we provide the client with a brochure and an extensive one-on-one interview by phone or in person. Learn more by clicking on the type of participant you most closely identify with.
Donating to Oak Hill

Your donation counts! Our one-on-one program provides results! We develop self-esteem and life skills that will provide a helping hand to our clients to become part of their community and workforce for a lifetime. Your in-kind donations provide affordable lessons to assist our children to become a member of our community and ultimately transition into our workforce as an adult. Oak Hill Farm is a 100% not-for-profit organization. We thank you in advance for any donation you might consider.

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