As a Rider

How can you get into Oak Hill’s therapeutic riding program? When we receive a call, we provide the client with a brochure and an extensive one-on-one interview by phone or in person. We encourage them to visit the center before any commitments are made. Once this process is completed, each rider receives a rider packet (renewed annually) which includes a physician’s release form. When the forms are completed and the client has been released by a physician, admission to sessions is allowed.

Individual lessons are one hour long and usually include warm-up movements, activities intended to meet the goals and objectives of the session, and games that emphasize the day’s lessons.

Oak Hill Farm operates on a session basis, with an annual non-refundable registration fee. Each session is six weeks in length for therapeutic lessons.

If there are concerns about insurance paying for therapeutic riding, each insurance company is different, but as a general rule, therapeutic riding is not covered by insurance in the United States. All insurance and waiver programs are the responsibility of the participant.

As a Volunteer

Volunteering at Oak Hill Farm might be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Oak Hill Farm could not exist without the devoted support and consideration of its volunteers, each of whom gives so unselfishly of their time. They are the heart and soul of our therapeutic riding program. We would not be able to operate so effectively if not for their dedication.

Most of our volunteers are retired, but some are students getting experience in their chosen vocations, while others are working people looking to make a difference. No previous experience is necessary. Our skilled instructors will teach you everything you need to know. Join us and share in our riders’ successes!

Volunteers assist the riders by providing support to the riders while doing exercises, playing games, and going through obstacle courses, among other riding activities. The emotional support our volunteers give to our riders for their efforts is second to none.

We ask for a minimum time commitment of approximately 2 hours a week for the duration of a six-week session. To volunteer, you will need to attend training (approximately 2 hours), during which you will learn Oak Hill Farm’s procedures for grooming, tacking, leading, sidewalking, mounting and dismounting.

Volunteers should be at least 14 years of age.

Volunteers with equestrian experience or those who want to learn may serve as horse leaders. As a leader, you have the main responsibility for the horse. You prepare the horse for class and help the horse follow the directions for the rider during class.

As a sidewalker, you assist the rider in mounting/dismounting and walk next to the rider during class, giving whatever physical (and quite often emotional) support is necessary. You also help the student follow the instructor’s instructions.

How do you get started? All it takes is a phone call or email. Use our contact page to get in touch with Brenda Malcolm Stoffel.

As a Donor

There are many ways you can help Oak Hill Farm. If you can’t donate your time as a volunteer, you might consider donating monetarily by sponsoring a horse or a rider, etc. Gift cards are available for purchase in any amount if you wish to sponsor a rider–and they make great birthday or holiday presents from family or friends.

Your donations are tax-deductible under IRS 501(c)(3).

There are many things on our wish list, including lead ropes, halters, hay, fence repair, contracting maintenance, farrier services, veterinarian services, etc.

If you wish to donate to our next auction/raffle, please click here to download a Silent Auction/Raffle Agreement form (PDF format). All contributions are tax deductible.

Adopt-a-Horse Sponsorships are also available in $100.00 increments up to a full sponsorship of $3000.00.

For information on contributing any of the above items to Oak Hill Farm, please contact us online, donate online, or call us at 260-672-8199.