Brenda Malcolm Stoffel
Owner / PATH International Riding Instructor

Brenda is an accomplished horse rider.  Her experience stretches beyond 40 years of work with horses and children. Brenda's passion for sharing first started at a young age of 18 providing instruction to children in 4-H just learning how to ride as 1st-year members of the horse and pony 4-H clubs. Brenda revisited her passion after attending a medical seminar in 2002 which broached the topic of equine therapy for medical and social purposes. It was history after that.   Brenda's desire to help others drove her to become a certified equine riding therapist.  Her certification is an internationally recognized  PATH International certified riding instructor. It is important to Brenda to provide quality services with credibility to the community that she serves.

Craig Reese
Riding Instructor

Craig has been an animal lover all his life—his father and grandfather were both horsemen. Craig has owned and ridden horses for over thirty years. He and his wife, Deb, currently live in a small farm north of Roanoke, IN where they’ve kept their horses and boarded others. He currently owns two horses—Big O and Gunner. Craig specializes in a  lifelong study of horse behavior, the personalities of different horses has always fascinated him—every horse he’s worked with has taught him something new every day. Since retiring, Craig has focused on the study of natural horsemanship and teaching the skills that come with it to new students.

Meet Our Horses

Bo Peep

Bo Peep rocks the barn as she is the only girl.  Her horse show life involved confirmation halter and barrel racing.  Bo Peep is 15 hands (60 inches) tall at the shoulders. She is the speediest horse in the barn.


Magic is the baby of the barn. He stands 15 hands, 2 inches (62 inches) at the shoulder. He has a sweet disposition and a darling baby face. He hates getting his feet wet in water but loves trail riding.  


Paco stands 15 hands, 2 inches tall (62 inches) at the shoulder. He is sorrel in color and very handsome. His show ring days dominated the western pleasure class. Paco is very intelligent, making him a quick learner in all of his training.  He is the clever one in the barn so watch your pockets he might pick them especially if you are stowing treats.


Strutty is our gentle giant. His horse show life included top awards in confirmation halter, contest riding, and western pleasure horse.  Strutty loves attention and at 15 hands, 3 inches tall (63 inches) at the shoulder, he is the gentle giant of the barn.  Strutty loves the attention of people and trail riding.