Oak Hill Farm was created from the passion and love for horses and children of Brenda Malcolm Stoffel. The program was created to provide a place for people to learn, grow and enhance through the power of horses. Brenda grew up with horses, learning how to train, ride, and respect the power and friendship a horse has to offer. Her most formidable friend, Magic, was a horse she had through youth into early adulthood. They traveled to competitions and spent hours just traveling the country roads, meandering through the day. The companionship and strength Magic offered made a heavy day light. Horses are magnificent animals, full of power and support. Oak Hill provides that same atmosphere to their clients.

We work at Oak Hill to enhance self-esteem, confidence, and life skills that are essential for life success through the association of horses. Horses can be amazing teachers of many skills, including social behavior skills. Our lessons reinforce cognitive thought and problem solving in a safe atmosphere. 

Our instructors and volunteers all are as unique as our horses and clients. This works to enhance our program with our one-on-one approach to assisting our clients. Every person is unique, as is every horse. We work to match our clients with our horses, instructors, and volunteers—this enhances the association of learning and companionship.